Series PSI 9000 DT 320W up to 1.5kW


Adjustable, programmable, desktop with carry/stand handle
Gorilla glass TFT touch display, versatile function generator, user profiles, resistance regulation
Auto-ranging output
Minimal output ripple, a real alternative to linear-regulated power supplies
On board 3-way interface (USB/Analogue/Ethernet)
Voltages 0-40V up to 0-750VDC
Currents 0-4A up to 0-60A
Powers 320W up to 1500W

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Product highlights

  • Wide AC supply voltage range: 90...264 V, with active PFC
  • High efficiency: up to 92%
  • Output power ratings: 0...320 W up to 0...1500 W
  • Output voltages: 0...40 V up to 0...750 V
  • Output currents: 0...4 A up to 0...60 A
  • Flexible, power regulated output stage
  • Supervisions and protections (OVP, OCP, OPP, OT)
  • Intuitive touch panel with display for values, status and notifications
  • Galvanically isolated interfaces (analog, USB , Ethernet)
  • Integrated function generator
  • Internal resistance simulation and regulation
  • Low ripple
  • Desktop enclosure with carrying handle and tilt stand
  • 40 V models compliant to SELV
  • SCPI command set and ModBus RTU support