Series EL 9000 Conventional


Series EL 9000 Conventional electronic loads 2,4 up to 7,2 kW

Conventional electronic loads, linear technology, adjustable and programmable 
Input voltages0-80 VDC up to 0-750 VDC 
Input currents 0-25 ADC up to 0-600 ADC 
Power 2.4 kW up to 7.2 kW (systems up to 86.4 kW)

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Product highlights

  • Power ratings: 0...2400W up to 0...7200W
  • Cabinets withigher power upon request
  • Input voltages: 0...80V, 0...160V, 0...400V, 0...750V
  • Input currents: 0...25A up to 0...600A
  • Resistances: 0...1.2Ω up to 0...800Ω
  • Overtemperature protection (OT)
  • Pulsed operation witadjustable duty cycle and variable rise/fall time
  • Operation modes
    • Constant current (CC)
    • Constant voltage (CV)
    • Constant power (CP)
    • Constant resistance (CR)
  • Remote sensing, trigger input
  • Battery test mode wittime and capacity counter
  • Optional, digital interface cards
    • RS232, CAN, USB, GPIB (IEEE), Ethernet
  • Optional water cooling