Series EL 9000 T Conventional electronic loads 400W up to 600W


Adjustable, programmable, space saving and attractive tower-style housing
Gorilla glass TFT touch display, versatile function generator, battery-discharge mode
Active oscillation suppression, efficient protective input filter, advanced thermal management
USB on board
Optional: 3-way interface (Ethernet/USB/analogue)
Voltages 0-80V up to 0-200VDC
Currents 0-8A up to 0-45A
Powers 400W up to 600W

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Product highlights

  • TFT Touch Display with 64.000 colours with integrated comfortable function generator (default waveforms: sinus, triangle, rectangular, trapezoid, arbitrary) as well as a battery test.
  • High-performance and micro-processor based control unit, significantly improving reaction time of analog and digital controls.
  • 16 Bit ADC/DACs (high-resolution programming and read-back)
  • Voltage accuracy 0.1% and current accuracy 0.2% (of nominal
  • Highly isolated structure, therefore much less sensitive against disturbances under operation (higher immunity = higher reliability)
  • Active damping in the DC-input circuit: Oscillations, typically caused by long DC leads or unexpected impedances of the DC source connected, are significantly reduced.
  • Optimized thermal management: Eliminates a sudden stop upon an over-temperature condition. The E-load will adapt the maximum power capability through an automatic derating, subject to the existing thermal conditions.
  • Input-filter protection circuit, preventing damage from DC voltage applied that may contain a high-frequency AC part.
  • USB on board, optional: 3-way Interface: Analogue 0-5V/0-10V, USB and Ethernet/LAN (all galvanically isolated)
  • Professional user software EA Power Control for up to 20 devices (license fee applies)
  • Safety compliant to IEC/EN 61010
  • EMI compliant to EN 61000-6-3, EN 55022 class B (meets EMI requirement for residential-, commercial- and light-industrial environment)