Series PSI 9000 15U-24U 30 kW up to 90 kW


Output power ratings: 30 kW, 45 kW, 60 kW, 75 kW, 90 kW
Output voltages: 80 V, 200 V, 360 V, 500 V, 750 V, 1500 V
Current of up to 3060 A
Pre-configured, pre-wired, turn-key ready compliant to EN60950
Basing upon power supply of series PSI 9000 3U, featuring
- Versatile function generator with ample simulations (PV, -fuel cell, -battery)
- Built-in USB and analog interface
- Plug'N'Play slot for optional interface retrofitting: e.g. Ethernet, CAN, CanOpen, Profibus, Profinet, RS232 and more
- Intuitivly operational HMI with coloured TFT-touch panel.

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Product highlights

  • Auto-ranging Output: Compared to power systems with conventional (rectangular) output characteristic, the auto-ranging feature allows to power a much larger number of devices (EUTs) with different nominal voltages.
  • Highly isolated structure, therefore much less sensitive against disturbances under operation (high electro-magnetic immunity to industrial environment standard, high reliability)
  • Up to 1000V of isolation (-) DC pole to PE (protective earth) depending on model
  • EMI compliant to EN 61000-6-3, EN 55022 class B (meets EMI requirement for residential-, commercial- and light-industrial environment)
  • Fast discharge of output capacitance to IEC 1010 (high user safety, output voltage will decrease to 60VDC within 10 sec. even under no-load condition
  • Standard on-board 2-way Interface: Analogue 0-5V/0-10V and USB (all galvanically isolated) as well as intelligent Slot, users may retrofit manifold digital interfaces (such as CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus, Profibus/net and more) themselves at any time
  • TFT Touch Display with 64.000 colours with integrated comfortable function generator (default waveforms: sinus, triangle, rectangular, trapezoid, DIN 40838/car, arbitrary, ramp, IU/IU) as well as alarm manager
  • Integrated R-Mode (battery inner-resistance simulation): To simulate batteries (lead-acid, lead-gel, Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium, Nickel-metal-Hydride and others)
  • Integrated PV-source and fuel-cell simulator
  • Modularity inclusive summary function: One Master-power unit drives all Slave-power units, bringing about a cost-optimized system-power solution.
  • Easy service in case of a failure: Exchange of a defective master- or slave power module, can be carried out by the user on site (high system availability = short production standstill)
  • High-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable-Gate-Array Lattice ECP3LFE17EA) allowing up to 10 times faster programming-reaction time
  • High resolution of up to 16 Bit (very fine programming and read-back steps)
  • Voltage accuracy 0.1% of nominal
  • Professional user/control software for up to 20 devices (license fee applies)
  • Safety compliant to EN 60950 (stand-alone source)